5 ways to get Record Label Attention

Do you have 0 followers, 0 YouTube views and 3 friends? Do you think a record label or Music Scout (A&R) is going to want to find out more? Build your audience online. CHOORPY.com has been designed to help you to build a core-targeted audience around your music – use it when launched. There are other wonderful platforms at your disposal so use them also. See other marketing tutorials for advice on choorpy.tumlr.com


  • If an A&R looks at your Twitter bio and you have 2 words to describe yourself, no links and no photo, do you think they will go to the trouble of looking for you on Google? Probably not.
  • If an A&R looks at your Facebook and there are no links to your music and no contact details, do you think they will go on Google searching? Probably not.
  • If an A&R happens to stumble upon your website and you have no music (trust me this is common), or it’s difficult to find, do you think they’ll waste their time? Probably not
  • You don’t have a Blog?

We live in a massive world of information. There are 252 million domain names registered globally. How do you suppose an A&R will find your music amongst that lot? How do you figure you will stand out amongst 20 million other independent musicians?

Some things you should consider:

-       Radio plugging

-       Competitions

-       Music Blogs

-       Social media presence and marketing

-       Constant gigging (out of your own backyard)

-       LinkedIn

-       Industry lawyer/s

-       Music Manager / Business Manager

-       Label interns / Junior A&R

Use LinkedIn. Find out who your local radio DJ’s are. Don’t be shy because it won’t get you anywhere. Who are your local music journalists?

If you do all of the above, the chances of getting recommended are much higher. You will stand out from millions of other musicians who are not doing these things. Build relationships with these people. Make them aware of your music, energy, passion and consistent gigging and promoting. If you’re good, they will help you to make things happen

Artist Development
There are new opportunities opening every day around the world. You need to go out and find them. They might take the form of competitions or they could be Artist development programmes, For example have you seen this amazing opportunity - http://choorpy.tumblr.com/post/60861569849/derriere

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7 Things You Need To Get A Record Deal

You are a brand. What is your brand? You brand is your business face to the music industry – how you look, sound and present yourself both online and offline. A strong brand will get you on the radar of labels long before a weak brand. Work on your image. Manage your web presence and design. If they have to mine through multiple sites to find a link to your website or contact details, they wont. CHOORPY has been designed specifically to help you with your branding and to provide a professional presence. It’s up to you to use it to your best ability, www.choorpy.com

Video is an extremely powerful outlet for getting your brand out to the world. The problem is that most music videos are virtually the same structure. You need to brand yourself differently so as to stand out from the crowd. An A&R guy wants a quick synopsis of how you look, what you sound like, what gigs you’ve played and how much traffic (fans) and sales you have and how many gigs you’ve played to date. You need a Showreel and the good news is you can do it on a shoestring budget. This Showreel example of band ‘Intermission’ cost nothing – it’s a collation of fan footage edited together, https://vimeo.com/44884014

You will find other Showreels on CHOORPY and we encourage this innovative, unique format for selling your musicianship. We will showcase the best Showreels we find on www.choorpy.com

Without stating the obvious, you need to be good. No, you need to be great! You need to be unique and different from everything and every artist that went before you. If you copy other artists, you’re automatically limiting yourself. Sit down and write world-class lyrics from heartfelt, real life situations you’ve experienced. You can’t write about other people’s experiences as well as you can your own.  Craft a song with innovation – use different instrumentation, striking melodies, a chorus that you just can’t get out of your head. It’s all about thinking outside the box. You can showcase your music on www.choorpy.com for the world to hear.

There are numerous web platforms and tools you can use to market your music. In fact there are far too many, and spreading yourself thin across multiple platforms makes it very difficult to market or manage anything. In the modern day, you have a potential audience in the billions. You need to figure out how to reach that audience effectively. CHOORPY, www.choorpy.com has been designed with extensive intelligence in mind, from the perspective of the independent musician’s plight. It has been built to help you get discovered, market your music, gain fans and potentially make a living. Register your profile details and use it to your benefit.

A no brainer really. If you can’t sell anything then a label is unlikely to take a second glance. Why musicians give all their music away for free is beyond all comprehension. Record labels do not want to see this. They want to see that you have worked hard, built an audience and converted your hard work into sales (£$€). The music industry is a business and you are a brand. Start acting like a brand, thinking like a business and enjoy all the success that comes with it. By giving your music away for free and playing free gigs people will always see you as free and cheap. Keep a record of your sales figures. Include them in your Showreel if you want. Include followers, likes and views because they all count. CHOORPY has integrated many features to help you to showcase how active and popular you are. Use it! www.choorpy.com

Network / Opportunities
Who do you know that can help get your music into the right hands? If the answer is a resounding no one, then what are you waiting for? LinkedIn.com is a fantastic platform for finding the main players in the music industry – the key holders, decision makers and label executives. They’re all on there and so should you be. However, before you run off and setup a profile for your band, start thinking outside the box! Don’t just setup a profile and torture these people. They will block you and that’s if they even accept you in the first place. Think strategically about ways you can get on their radar without being overly opportunistic and annoying.  Also look out for open opportunities like this one we’ve created for you - http://choorpy.tumblr.com/post/60861569849/derriere

We will continue to create opportunities like this one, to help Independent musicians at www.choorpy.com

Are you easy to work with or are you an obnoxious, ignorant, difficult human being? If you tick the latter boxes, then you need to change. There’s a difference between being a good businessperson with a firm presence over being a pain in the a*s. Work on your attitude and personality. Ask your friends honestly what they think of how you act. If you’re in a band, choose the best man or woman for the front job.


Ireland’s No.1 Music Discovery Platform is now live for registration.
CHOORPY, http://www.choorpy.com, is a unique, global, music-discovery and events-discovery, digital content, social network platform. You could say it is akin to a combination of the best sites in the world (Google+, Airbnb, Facebook, Twitter) and its been tailored specifically to the global community of music, events, fans and the promotion and monetisation of independent musicians:

1.            Musicians - discovery, social, new fans, global reach, gigs, marketing education, monetise, music recommendations

2.            Events - discovery, new fans, marketing, global reach, monetise, event recommendations

3.            Fans - discover new music, curate favourite musicians and events, choice, information, social, recommended new music

The objective of Choorpy is to change the economics of the music industry and put the power back in the hands of the music creators - independent musicians.

Stop Sending me FREE Music

Stop sending me free music without a coherent marketing strategy to back up the promotion of your brand as a fantastically talented, gifted musician.

Here are some recent message examples I’ve received:

“Thanks for the follow I hope you enjoy the tunes! P.s. you can download some of our music for free at (address included)


“Thanks for the follow. You can get some of my band’s music for free at (address included)”

Would you believe I got these two messages and a third message from the same artist using three different accounts? One right after another in the space of 5 minutes. Did they think that because they hadn’t annoyed me the first two times, that the third time I’d definitely (a) listen to, and (b) download the free track?

Every time I check my Twitter private messages, I’ve an average of 10-20 of these automated messages pointing me to listen to or download a free track. It’s annoying enough that I know they’ve used some automated software to send a message. Do they not have 10 seconds in their day to send a personal message? It’s got to the stage now where I don’t read 99% of them. (Some advice – don’t use automated private messaging on Twitter).

I scan over them quickly before I open any and I won’t open anything if there’s any doubt in my mind. I usually know what’s coming without opening them and move on – does anyone else do this? A lot of you probably don’t even bother checking any more? All that before getting to the message itself, which it turns out is a cheap promotional shot, with the mentality that if I send my song to as many people as possible for free, I might get lucky and gain a fan/sale. Is this the thought process or am I so delusional that I’ve missed the biggest marketing coup of the 21st Century? What is going on and how did we ever get to this?

Would it kill someone to sit down for 5 minutes and try and think of a different way to reach fans and add some value to their music? One example might be to actually charge for it but that would be too simple. So what, if nobody ever buys it, the chances are that a lot more will listen to it than they do when you offer it for free. By listening to it they have consciously made the decision that it’s got some value. So you’ve got a lead. Now it’s down to the music and your craft as an Artist to whether they want to find out more or purchase it. So, what should you do? 

  • Provide links everywhere people can buy it.
  • Put links across all your social media sites
  • Leave your contact details
  • Brand yourself consistently across all your internet points
  • Value yourself as an artist
  • Learn how to market / promote your music

Some rare examples where giving a track away for free ‘may’ be of benefit:

  • A 30 second clip of an upcoming release
  • Purchase a ticket for our next gig and we’ll throw in a free track
  • Purchase our new EP and we will send you a private track that’s not available for purchase in the public domain
  • Provide your email address and get a cool free track in return

Don’t give something for nothing. Add value in any way you can. Think outside the box. Remove yourself from what everyone else is doing and achieve success.

One thing that is guaranteed - If you give your music away for free all the time without a coherent marketing strategy, you’ve completely missed the point of being a musician in the modern day. 

Thanks for reading.


How many times have we all heard this nonsense? If you play for free, I guarantee you will get great exposure to your music. What a crock of cow droppings in 99.9% of cases. 

Exposure comes from you and what you do to promote yourself and your music. It doesn’t come from a venue or some promoter telling you that it’s for your best interest and that it’s the way the industry is and you should just deal with it.

I put on an event just this weekend and called it “Music In New Spaces.” The artists played in various locations including:

  • A coffee shop
  • A retail fashion outlet
  • A house party

What happened? Well, here’s what happened:

  • They all got paid
  • They all got offered further gigs (and not just in those venues but from passers by who heard them playing)
  • They all got new fans
  • They were able to interact with the people listening
  • They got respect for their music and…
  • They all loved the experience

Now, which would you prefer?

A. A gig in a venue, which promises you great exposure as long as you play for free or even worse, you pay them to play.

B. A gig in a venue, which pays you to do what you love doing and helps you to promote your gig.

I know which one I would go for every single time!!!

It’s time to wake up. Nobody is going to promote you or your music but yourself. Nobody is going to value you as a musician or your music, if you don’t value yourself.  Get out and knock on doors. Find gigs in new places. Open yourself and your music to a world of new fans and experiences; Begin to love your music and your craft again and others will love it too.

We live in a new world where people are now in millions of different places. You need to start finding those places, because when you do, you will find new fans. Those fans will tell their friends about you and your music. You will get offered new gigs in other spaces. If it works for one venue it will work for them all. Think about it - their brand gets exposure to a new audience and your music gets exposure(Paid) to new fans.

Email your stories and experiences to blog@choorpy.com

The best story or example of Gigs in New Spaces will get their very own blog piece and promotion.

CHOORPY is the NO.1 Music Discovery Platform in the world, you just don’t know it yet, www.choorpy.com

Thank you for reading.

Perform Live For Internationally acclaimed Music Scout

Nigel Grainge, www.nigelgrainge.com, is without doubt the world’s greatest music scout, in relation to signing, developing and growing some of the top artists in the history of Irish popular music. Nigel signed Thin Lizzy, Sinead O’Connor, The Boomtown Rats and The Waterboys to name but a few. Now he’s coming back to Ireland from Los Angeles, to rekindle his love for Irish Independent music and help put Irish musicians back on the global map. 

Derriere Artist Development is a partnership between Nigel Grainge and Mr. CHOORPY of www.choorpy.com. This is probably the first partnership of its kind in the world. We will support and develop the skills of Independent Musicians, to help prepare them for the daunting “leap" into a major record/publishing deal.

imageWe know how difficult it is for Artists today to get noticed, especially in Ireland. We also know what the music industry are looking for in an artist. This is a massive opportunity, to get your music heard by scouts with the right contacts worldwide. 

If this opportunity has you doing cartwheels and you would like to perform a live gig for us, follow these instructions:

1. Register your submission details on CHOORPY, www.choorpy.com 

2. Compose, and send an email to musicscout@choorpy.com, with the following information:

  • Personal name
  • Act name
  • Genre
  • Phone number
  • Email address
  • and one link to your most popular / best original song (recording accepted but live performance recordings are desirable)

NOTE: Do not send any more or less than the criteria requested above. Cover songs will not be accepted.

Deadline for song submission is Friday 29th November at 5pm (GMT). The live gig will take place, January 2014 in Derry. We will select a limited number of artists to perform. We will provide expert advice, the venue and sound. We will not cover any other expense (venue to be confirmed).

@MusicChampion (#IrishGig)

Cave Ghosts

Song – Mistakes from recent EP K9 Sessions.

Starting gently with the mild strum of a Ukelele, layered with the soaring, enchanting beautiful vocal Oooos, which sit quaintly above the backing before breaking into the lyrics “I feel sick all of the time.” It’s almost as if you can feel what the song is about as it plays through.

The mild, soothing, summer shimmering harmonies are breath taking.  A mixture of 60’s girl group pop and deep lonely and troubled lyrics about a broken heart. The combination of instrumentation, haunting vocals and beautiful harmonic vibes lead into an upbeat tempo suggesting that things will get better. The broken heart will mend.

I can’t wait to hear this song performed live and I will. There is an almost empty soul, a void left in the heart and this transpires through the words, “It’s only heartache, it will go away, it’s only heartache it’ll fade, it’s a mistake.”  The female voice carries the words beautifully describing what it feels like to have loved and lost, something or someone so special, that only music can portray, playing out a vivid and imaginative, yet almost real love film.

It takes great skill to portray story, emotion, feelings and life through a song to the extent where it resonates with the inner most tentative heart strings of the listener always pulling, plucking and intertwining.

I’m really excited about hearing this band play live, hopefully not in the too distant future. One to watch!!

Article by:

@musicchampion @mrchoorpy @choorpy



See this? This is who we are and what we do
Thats our BRAND that is….
How did we come up with the idea of having a BRAND?
That’s how!!!
See the 2nd pic???
That’s where following a few simple guidelines on promotion and marketing will get you!
get on a proper bandwagon!!!

Has the quality of music declined or are we simply less creative?

This is a tough question and could probably be debated until the cows come home. My personal opinion is that since the dawn of the Internet and technology and hundreds of music sites and different technologies, creativity has taken a back seat. Songs from the 60’s, 70’s 80’s etc. still live on today and will live on for a long time. How many songs do we hear in the modern day that will be played by our kids or grand kids in years to come? I can’t think of any! Does this mean we are less creative or musical? I sincerely think not. I think we’ve simply gotten lost, fed a pack of baloney by corporates and we need some new direction, education and new technology, which actually cares and addresses our needs.

I think there is a major problem whereby creativity has had to take a back seat because musicians are knee deep in technology, trying to push their new single, EP, gig or whatever it might be. We’ve gotten lost a long the way and now we have anywhere between 5 and 20 different sites, apps and technologies to manage. On the downside, we can’t afford to pay out huge amounts of money to hire Digital Marketing Gurus or Music Managers who will promote our music and get us fans and make a living. On the upside, however, we can learn and educate ourselves how to best manage our time and market our musicianship.

I think that Artists are scattered and are spending too much time marketing and promoting weak rushed music rather than crafting their fine musical skills - does this ring true? How much time do you spend daily using online sites, networks etc. to promote your music and how much do you spend practising, writing and being creative? The answer is probably a majority percentage swayed towards promotion and marketing and very little goes to creativity. So herein lies the problem. What if I was to leave all the technology aside for 90% of my normal usage, and sit down and write some new songs? What if I was to leave technology alone for a month and set a date and target to have written 3 songs?

I think in the modern day, you need to think outside the box. Do the opposite to everyone else. Concentrate your efforts on one site or two at a push. Figure out which sites are best for promoting your music and concentrate all your efforts there on pushing out your newly written songs. Ask for feedback from friends, family, acquaintances.  

I will strive to push out educational posts through Choorpy, www.choorpy.com and video blogs from other industry experts in the future when finances permit us to do so.

Signing off

Mr Choorpy
@musicchampion @choorpy

8 Things Independent Musicians Need to do on Facebook

Page Setup
You are a brand whether you like it or not. Your music is a product. You need to think like a business and act like a business. Facebook pages are designed specifically to help brands engage with their primary fans, followers, leads and customers. Your page must be consistent with your branding on other sites

Status Updates
Facebook pages are designed in a way to engage with your primary customers. Most people who click ‘Like’ on your page have done it for a reason to show you their true support. It’s therefore important that you keep them updated on a daily basis

Restrict Posts
Just because they liked your page, doesn’t give you the right to bombard them with messages promoting your new song, album, next gig and what you had for breakfast. Its one sure way to piss people off and click the dreaded ‘unlike’ button. Remember every like is a potential lead to a sale.

Turn off Automation
People Like your page because they like you as an artist and they have an interest in what ‘you’ have to say. They like real time engaging posts. If they see hashtags (#) or retweets (Rts) or other Twitter jargon on your Facebook page then you can be assured that they will soon get fed up with your posts and either a) ignore them or worse, b) unlike your page.

Engaging Content
If I’ve liked your page, I like you and your music. I want to see regular updates, although not too many. They have to be interesting, engaging and even funny. Try video blogs, cover songs and other marketing gimmicks to increase the engagement with your current fans and this should translate to new fans.  Do not bombard people 20 times a day with ‘please listen to my new single’ or ‘check out my new video’ etc.

Visual C­ontent
Statistics show that people engage much more with visual media content such as video, photographs, memes etc. Create quirky videos and funny memes. Create content, which your fans are likely to share. Through sharing on their own walls, this opens you and your music up to new fans. New fans = potential monetisation.

Ask and you will receive. Your posts should nearly always contain an ‘Ask’. That can take numerous forms. Ask a question – it’s simple psychology and engaging. Always remember that because the platforms are social, any engagement with fans can be seen by their friends, followers etc. This can, and almost always does lead to you getting new likes, fans etc. Ask your fans, friends and followers to ‘share’ your content – page, video, new single etc. By sharing it, it opens you to new eyes and ears

Analytics / Insights
Facebook pages provide you with insights and analytics about your fans. You can visually learn what posts are working for you and which ones aren’t. You can then create a marketing strategy around the most engaging posts and provide more of that type of content.

Article by:
@musicchampion @mrchoorpy @choorpy


Brand = Reach = New fans + Monetisation + Gigs

In the modern music industry, whether you like the idea or not, you are a brand (a business) and with all great businesses you need to stand out from the crowd, think differently, do things differently and innovate to stay ahead of the competition.

I don’t want to frighten you but considering that you have around 20 million+ competitors worldwide, it’s safe to say that you’re in a very competitive and extremely crowded marketplace. This is definitely not to say however, that there isn’t a piece of the action open to everyone. Read up on Chris Anderson’s Long Tail. So, what’s the good news? The good news is that you can achieve anything if you have decent music, a fan base and know how to market yourself. There are billions of music lovers in the world waiting to discover your music. 

What does brand mean? Think of some of the top companies in the world and your brain automatically fires back a brand. You can easily visualise global well known brands, because they have planted it in your subconscious mind through advertising and marketing. As soon as I mention these brands your brain will automatically fire up the logo, colours, design and everything that makes up that brand e.g. Coca Cola, Mc Donald’s, and Virgin Atlantic.

Now, imagine how great it would be if your brand was embedded in the subconscious mind of music lovers worldwide. If I mention great acts like Pink Floyd, the first image that pops into your head could very well be the prism from Dark Side of the Moon? Personally, I do identify Pink Floyd with this image.

However, that doesn’t necessarily make it their brand. Musicians back in the heyday didn’t really need to brand themselves or see themselves as a business. However, those that did, stood out and changed the world. The  Grateful Dead anyone? If you want my advice, buy the book, ‘Marketing lessons from the Grateful Dead.’

As with any new business, one of the first things that an entrepreneur will think about or should think about after they’ve come up with their genius, ground-breaking, global busting idea, is the brand. The brand includes, the business name, a logo, the colours used, the design, the subliminal message behind the brand and the type fonts etc. that are used. You don’t have an idea but you do have music. It’s virtually the same thing and you should always think outside the box.

What will you need?

Graphic Designer
You may need a graphic designer or you could do it yourself. It will all depend on your needs, your wants and more importantly your budget. If you want a brand that identifies your music, culture, ethics and message then I would highly recommend that you invest in a good designer. Another option is calling into your local college or University. There are tonnes of students looking to build their portfolio and the next big music act could help them establish themselves as well as you. You may have a friend or family member who is a whizz at design that you never thought about before?

This is the shop window into your brand and music business.  A musician without a website is like a dog without a lead – usually lost.
Your brand will be evident across your website with images, logo, video, cd covers etc. The old adage is true, ‘you need to spend money to make money.’ However, these things can all be done on a budget. There are a vast number of web designers out there looking to carve out a niche for themselves standing out from the crowd. Ask your friends, put an advert up on your Facebook and Twitter, call into the local colleges and universities. Get off your backside;)

Digital Marketing Manager
Modern business needs to have knowledge of Digital Marketing and Inbound Marketing. Check out Hubspot.com if you want to read up and learn some of this stuff. It’s fantastic! It’s all about your brand and marketing your business to the world with inbound marketing methods. Therefore, it will help you as a musician to think outside the box and use tried and tested marketing methods to increase the reach of your music to new fans and ultimately increasing your revenue. You will learn, or should learn how to use your social media channels and your Blog to direct traffic to your shop window i.e. the place from which you are selling your music, showcasing your videos and photographs etc.


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@musicchampion @mrchoorpy @choorpy